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Entry #7

I got an award...?

2009-10-28 00:42:37 by Etheria

Apparently I got Daily 4th for my piece "Fall". Now I realized it, haha XD

Check out my tiger drawing, its pretty BAMF.


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2009-10-28 00:53:38

Good job, I got an invisble award before. I cant see it, but im told its there!

Etheria responds:

ahahaha niiice


2009-10-28 01:10:44

I like your "Burning Bright" picture.
got 5'd and faved
nice job, How long did it take you.

Etheria responds:

hmm...not sure. maybe 3-4 hours if i were to estimate. i did the whole thing in one sitting. ^^ thanks for the positive feedback, i really appreciate it! :3


2009-11-18 08:35:15

Congraduations, a winrar is you! ^^


Etheria responds:

Congraduations? "WINRAR"?! hahaha your spelling is horrendous XD


2009-12-07 22:21:47

I love your art its truly amazing keep up the great work.

Etheria responds:

aww thank youuu! <33


2009-12-12 23:31:45

=o congrats <3

Etheria responds:

thanks ^^
hey i miss your music! go make some! :P