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Zune vs Nano...vs PSP

2008-09-21 12:29:33 by Etheria

I've had all three (the nano was stolen) and I can say that even though my little Zune is awesome (and more portable) if I had to pick out of the three, I'd pick my PSP.
Why? Two words: CRISIS CORE.

More art (still lacking a scanner).

Zune vs Nano...vs PSP


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2008-09-21 18:42:56

That reminds me of metroid for some reason o.O

Looks cool! You have a real knack for art.

Etheria responds:

aww you're so nice :]


2008-09-22 18:38:23

Melo 16 is up, btw I took your suggestion endure, only I made it endurance 8D

Thanks again! I wouldn't have thought of that. I would have come up with like... Haven or something.

Etheria responds:

haha I'm flattered :] lol I sometimes rename songs (especially g-r4ve's... he sucks at naming his awesomeness) needless to say, I won't be renaming endurance anytime soon XD


2008-09-28 00:02:12

u know wats funny? Ive checked ur page tons of times... seen ur various art masterpieces =p but I had NO idea u were a girl, till u emailed me. haha oh well. This new account is proving to be quite troublesome. Maybe I shud just stick with g-r4ve =/

Etheria responds:

well, I hope it was a pleasant surprise to you XD
stick with it! out of all the different sites I search to get some good techno, trance, etc. this has always proven to be the best.