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I'm an Artist :]

2008-04-17 22:57:41 by Etheria

I finally decided to post something, partly because I feel guilty that I don't do much on this site other than rate/listen to music. Here's a piece of my artwork, feel free to comment. (I apologize for the crappy quality, I need to get a scanner T_T )

I'm an Artist :]


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2008-04-17 23:14:40

It looks really good.

Etheria responds:

aww thanks! :]


2008-09-17 17:51:49

Thats really cool looking!

(me and some other guys from the newgrounds vent are being nubs and going through who has us favorited counting how many females are on it 8D)

Nice painting though, it really is cool.

Etheria responds:

haha i know, this is such a guy's site XD
thanks for the comment, envy, you're one of my favorite audio artists! :]